Making the Connection between Body, Mind and Spirit

Mindset Mentoring

Mindset Mentoring is a program designed to help you develop and cultivate a specific set of attitudes, beliefs, and ways of thinking that can help you achieve your goals and live a more abundant & fulfilling life. Once each week we’ll have a live training session that will be interactive and instructional. We will be working through important book content as well as addressing your personal challenges.

The Mindset Mentoring program includes topics such as goal setting, self-awareness, mindfulness, positive thinking, resilience, growth mindset, and improving self-image. We also cover techniques and tools of self-care to help individuals develop the dormant power in their life by several means such as meditation, journaling & visualization.

There will be a combination of lectures, discussions, and practical exercises. We will provide personalized feedback and coaching to help participants apply the concepts and techniques to their specific situations.

Mindset Mentoring is meant to help you develop a more positive and productive outlook on life, and to build the skills and habits necessary to achieve your personal and professional goals. Options:

  1. Group Coaching

    - Group of 3 -8 people learning together how to achieve great results ( 6 week program )

  2. Individual Coaching

    - One on one coaching (8 week program)

Contact us at for pricing as well as set up a meeting time to determine if Group Coaching or Individual Coaching would most benefit you.

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