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About Denise

Denise Kennedy, owner of Total Wellness Academy is a Nutritionist & Wellness Educator. As an educator and public speaker Denise has addressed audiences in many venues across the country such as Women's Conferences, Church Groups, Health Food Stores, and School Assemblies. It is her passion and ongoing mission to help others reach optimal health, develop a vibrant life and live in their true purpose.

She is the owner & founder of Total Wellness Academy, a personal growth & development platform dedicated to helping people maximize their lives and reach optimal health through understanding (and actively engaging in) the connection between body, mind & spirit.

Denise understands well that a healthy mind is just as important as a healthy diet and that prayer is just as important as exercise. Balance is imperative for true whole health and she has learned from personal experience it's not only what we put in our bodies but what we remove that helps us heal (unforgiveness, fear and anger can be the cause of damaging toxins). Wellness cannot be compartmentalized -- God created the intertwining of body, mind and spirit absolute and all must be embraced for complete and lasting change. Her studies in bioenergetics (the transfer of energy between living organisms) takes her far beyond teaching what foods to eat.

Denise has, in the past, worked for some giants in the Health and Wellness Industry. As a health educator for Garden of Life and the Maker’s Health Ministry she traveled to churches across the nation, giving exciting and engaging health presentations, encouraging all to take charge of their health. With visual health demonstrations and a sense of humor she grasps the attention of audiences and motivates them to reach new levels of commitment where their health is concerned.

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